Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Mixing 'in-the-box'

The Whitebeat Studio made mixing 'in-the-box' a professional reality using equipment from Solid State Logic (SSL), the world's leading audio console and control surface manufacturer.

DJs, artists and film score composers can now access the legendary SSL sound associated with major recording studios using SSL Nucleus and plug-ins as well as SSL MX4, Alpha-Link MADI and SX virtual console that runs at 24-bit/96kHz with 1 MS latency.

The signal chain, from the preamps to the monitoring system, provides a definition and latency that is second-to-none across 64 inputs and outputs.

The legendary SSL sound of mega hits from all around the world, improved so much that our new studio reveals that we were tricked by poor tape machines and audio converters and that many old mixes just sound horrible.

SSL Hardware

SSL Nucleus

Solid State Logic (SSL) Nucleus is a perfect blend of advanced digital audio workstation control surface, transparent SuperAnalogue monitoring, high class analogue mic pres, pro quality audio interface and Duende Native plugins.

SSL MX4 Interface

  • 128 channels of digital audio I/O
  • Multiple audio applications appear in the mixer and access the I/O simultaneously
  • Very high channel count, sample rate recording and playback
  • 1x Wordclock Connector
  • Near Zero (4 samples) latency
  • Full Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) for Plug-Ins, I/O and external Processing
  • Complete audio I/O solutions combined with SSL Alpha-Link

SSL Alpha-Link

The XLogic Alpha-Link is a fully featured multi channel recording and broadcast audio converter.
The bi directional AD/DA converter offer MADI (otical), AES and ADAT connections.recording and broadcast applications.

WhiteBeat Studio

WhiteBeat operates China’s premier EDM production, mixdown and mastering studio, used by Record Labels, Radio and TV Stations, notable artists, DJs and bands to produce hits, soundtracks and jingles.

WhiteBeat houses a high performance computing network of dedicated EDM Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), control surfaces and audio interfaces as well as recording equipment such as microphones, sound isolation screens, monitoring systems and ultra-rare analog choruses, flangers, phasers and distortion processors.

Playability Guarantee

In addition to Grammy winning producers, vocalists and session musicians, WhiteBeat maintains one of the world’s largest library of finished songs, chords and melodies, musical ideas and sound effects. The library consists of commercial samples, MIDI files and sound patches heared on countless hits, soundtracks and jingles as well as of never before heared proprietary songs and libraries.

WhiteBeat's Song Playability Service will make sure that every production is silk smooth, while also hitting hard in various sound environments.

Our Song Playability database and a world class monitoring system makes our experienced engineers faciliated with a unique benefit, a combination that guarantees top charting productions. For monitoring, we trusts Genelec's superior 8000 series (which comprises famous active monitors such as 8020B, 8030A, 8040A and 8050A).

Our plug-ins

WhiteBeat has most popular modern and vintage synthesizer, sampler and effect processor plugins installed.

Some plugin instruments, such as Native Instruments' Massive, create a sharpe powerfull modern 'jump out of the speaker' sound, while other, such as Native Instruments' Pro-53, recreate the 'fat' and raw vintage synthesizer sound of for example Prophet-5..

Plugins also provide both modern and vintage effect processors. Again, modern processors, such as Ozone 5, provide that popular 'in the face' sound, while vintage processors provide the recognizable sound of Lexicon, Fairchild, Pultec, Tube-Tech, Universal Audio and more subtle sound from large consoles such as AMS Neve, Audient, Harrison Audio Consoles, Helios, MCI, Solid State Logic and Trident Audio Developments equipment.

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